You need to know you are enough!

You have been, or maybe still are, a target of narcissistic and emotional abuse. Not only are you kind, loving, considerate and empathic, you have most likely never been taught how to validate your existence, how to stand up for yourself, set healthy boundaries or being allowed to express yourself by saying NO to situations and circumstances that don't feel right.


You want to be liked and loved, but this is often at the expense of your own peace of mind and personal happiness.


Do you struggle with feeling invisible or unheard? Do people tend to suck the energy out of you, misuse your financial or emotional resources, or take you for granted?

You are not alone in this. Being a kind and loving human being does not equal being used as a doormat. In childhood you have been conditioned to put the needs of others before your own, this has become a part of your emotional make up. This is your belief system. One of the great things about being capable of introspection is that it allows you to uncover your childhood wounds, heal them and in doing so you create a new identity for yourself. You discard all the paralyzing ideas about yourself and learn to acknowledge your feelings and emotions. When you stand firm in your authentic self, when you know who you are, then you tap into your personal power.

        It is my humble pleasure to help you achieve this through coaching and mentoring.