Narcissism is a personality disorder. The narcissist is very much aware of the abuse they inflict on you. Often times we (mistakingly) think that a Narcissist is very confident but they are in fact plagued by very low self esteem. To compensate this void feeling they will seduce and consequently destroy their targets by way of manipulation, intimidation, projection, gaslighting and the silent treatment. 

Sometimes they will resort to physical violence.

Narcissistic and emotional abuse is insidious. It leaves invisible scars of low selfesteem, shame, guilt, selfdoubt and confusion.

Narcissistic abuse finds it's power in the dark, behind closed doors. It is subtle and covert and is not often displayed in the presence of others. The Narcissist wears a mask of friendliness, charm, high intelligence, seduction, spirituality and kindness, but when you are in a intimate setting with the narcissist, their true colours are shown.

When you have exited the relationship, you may also be further stalked and traumatized through false accusations of rape, misconduct, slander, abuse and a host of other grievances.


Ever tried telling people around you about the experiences you have been through? How did that work for you?

You probably were told that you were reading too much into things. That maybe you are the crazy one or too sensitive? Or maybe your loved ones offer you support, but can't fully grasp the intensity of the abuse. This is common.  After all, you can't get it, unless you've been through it.