I was born in Zimbabwe into a loving home in 1973. Somewhere along the way I lost the plot, which caused my past to be one of disruption, craziness, heartache, drug & food abuse, promiscuity, a welfare mum, truth seeker and a braveheart woman! So you see, sometimes you have to lose your way to find your way.

I suffered narcissistic and emotional abuse for a total of 12 years through a "lover" and "friends". I knew that many things did not feel right in the relationships but didn't know what it was, I couldn't pinpoint the toxic behaviour, the manipulation and intimidation. Causing me to doubt my own perception of situations, the snide remarks, the digs and put downs came to a head, when I was accused of being a narcissist and toxic individual. This didn't make sense to me so I decided to look into the term, the traits and the behaviour of narcissism. So began a gathering of information , of educating myself, of discovering that I was not crazy or strange, and that I in fact had been emotionally abused.  This totally explained my years of anxiety, sleepless nights, worry and loss of self confidence. 

I am no longer a victim but a thriving survivor!

I have been practicing life coaching for 20 years, specializing in providing women and                                                                              men with the tools to break old behaviour patterns and gain more self confidence. I am                                                                          now dedicated to helping survivors of narcissistic abuse to release the trauma and live                                                                            healthy and productive lives.