Trauma is complex. Healing must be kept simple, for there is power in simplicity

If you have a history of dealing with narcissists and emotionally abusive people, chances are that you are a person with great qualities and shaky boundaries, with an enormous capacity to love others but forget to honour and respect yourself in the process.

You may have been conditioned in childhood to base your selfworth on the opinions and needs of others. This may sound noble, but it destroys your confidence, keeps you walking on eggshells and makes you feel used and invisible.

You can heal from the trauma of emotional abuse and learn how to internalise your worth, shine in your authentic identity and have the courage and strength to hold yourself through the storms of life.

The roots are the most crucial part of a tree, they absorbe the nutrients from the soil and determine the growth of the tree. Your family of origin is responsible for the soil in which the tree grows. When the soil is rich and fertile, the tree grows and blossoms. When the soil is poor and toxic, the tree will struggle to develop to it's full potential.


A child is always innocent. He or She is dependent on the parent or caregiver to emotionally, spiritually and psychologically nurture them. When for whatever reason, the parents or caregivers are unable to provide the child with a warm, safe and loving environment in which to grow, the child experiences a deficiency in nutrients, causing them to feel unworthy, unloved and fearful.

This feeling of lack seeps into adolescence and adulthood. A consequence of this may be that the child feels lost and unwanted, so in order to get a few crumbs of acceptance and love, they will try to please and accommodate every or all persons whom they meet, at the expense of their own health and happiness.

To restore the strength in the roots the soil must be provided with nutrients and nourishment. Judgement, neglect and rejection must make room for love, care and sunlight.


When a flower doesn't grow, you must not change the flower,

but the environment in which the flower grows.


The 10 week Breakthrough Coaching Package is a care-frontational, emotional, empowering and healing journey, designed to validate your experiences,  break through your fears, express and heal your emotional wounds and transform your limiting beliefs, so that you have the confidence to design a happy life for yourself with dignity and integrity. Healing is a process not a goal, trust the process. Be patient and gentle with yourself. You have all the answers, I simply help you to uncover them.

If you are committed to your healing and would value getting to know yourself inside and out, then I would be honoured to accompany you on a part of your journey.


During your 10 week journey, you will learn to enrich your soil through:


  • Care-frontation as opposed to confrontation. Getting into conversation with the inner critic (fear, shame & guilt)
  • Identifying your limiting beliefs which keep you stuck and unsure
  • Feeling your feelings. Your body has it's own intelligence and knows how to heal itself, by allowing yourself to feel as opposed to suppressing your feelings
  • Conscious circular breathing. When we feel fear we have shallow breath, even when we're not aware of it. By learinng to breathe consciously and intentionally we decrease the intensity of our feelings, release trauma and break through emotional blockages.
  • Uncovering your uniqueness. We are not our thoughts, feelings or body. The story we keep telling ourselves is a collection of thoughts. When we pay less attention to our thoughts, we can embrace our essence, the core of who we are
  • Setting boundaries. Boundaries are not selfish, they're selfcaring. They demonstrate where we start and the other person ends
  • The importance of the SELF. Self-care, Self-parenting and Self-appreciation


The intro call of 30 minutes is free. The coaching sessions are conducted weekly or every 2 weeks and last 1¼ hours (75 minutes)

You will receive self-care assignments and E-coaching/mentoring.


The investment in yourself, your personal growth and the enrichment of your soil is: 975 Euro's (incl. tax)

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