Touching lives worldwide


There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, which through you, is transformed into taking action. Your expression is unique, your life has purpose. Claim your inner power and make your life greater than you ever imagined.


Throughout our lives we will encounter people who will either come for a short space of time, for a reason (which we may not understand right away) or.... for a life time. However they wish to illustrate their visit, know that there is always something valuable that is left behind. Look for the lesson in disguise.

When you have been through the despair, anger, hurt and humiliation of emotional abuse, you will feel shattered, unworthy, powerless and tired. You then have two choices: to stay in a state of not knowing your worth or to transcend and reclaim your dignity and selfesteem.


For a very long time I felt like a failure for tolerating emotional and physical abuse, but with acceptance, awareness, selfcare and validation, I was able to release the resentment, shame and guilt and have compassion towards myself.

It is with gratitude that I share my story of narcissistic and emotional abuse. I offer insight, valuable lessons and the life tools to further you along your journey of healing.