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    Jane Tyrrell (Saturday, 30 April 2022 10:01)

    I too am forever grateful to Petra. After being in a 3 year relationship with a narcist, unknown to me at the time, I knew little about these peoples characters & personalities, and thought I was going insane. I experienced the emotionally abusive behaviour of my partner as defragmented …. but when I listened to the videos and spoke with Petra she put the entire puzzle together for me … it was quite shocking to realise the extent of the abuse, a narcistisch psychopath. To know that I was not going insane was one relief. I am now recovering thanks to Petra’s clear professional expertise. A truly precious person who has rescued us from further fate! Thank you ����

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    Elian (Monday, 03 February 2020 23:53)

    Hello Petra,

    I just wanted to thank you for the clarity you have given me in understanding the dynamic of a now defunct 19-year friendship. At times I still question myself if any of it was my fault, but it’s all the mean things (the put-downs, belittling, making me feel like an idiot for my opinions, telling me my personality needs to be changed because I am too this or that or that I love too easily) that this person has done to me (and I’ve made excuses for) over the years that stands out now that they are far from me. Maybe it is a blessing that they no longer are around. Even though it hurt so badly and it was so confusing when they stopped talking to me, I feel like many more doors have been opened. I now feel like I have friendships that are more nurturing and reciprocal.

    Thank you again, so much.

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    Cathy revell (Thursday, 19 September 2019 23:11)

    Hi Petra, I’ve just found you on you tube and enjoying your talks. I’m from Australia and have been married to my npd husband for 40 years. Finally just separated. What a hell ride it’s been. Thanks for your sensible calming videos. They are very good.
    Regards cathy

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    Addison, A. (Friday, 13 September 2019 20:13)

    I have a situation going on here that’s crazy. I’m a student at a Christian University and was called by God to attend this school.The girl who helped me when I got out of the hospital is military and attends the same university with focus toward becoming a Chaplain there. She went through my things one night when we were studying for finals. I went to sleep from studying, which allowed her to go through my things, and my birth certificate is missing. The things in which she was after are those of the spiritual nature that I have capture on paper over the years. Currently, I’m sure that she has planted bugs � in my apartment in order to listen to me during my spiritual fellowship time that I have in the morning in order to know how to execute what she went through of my things, and to listen into my phone calls. Her rank in the military is First Lt. which I believe she has clearly abused her power and authority with me and the military. I know that this all sounds crazy, as well as myself, but I’m not imagining things. Everything of value that I had has been taken, repossessed. I had to rely on this individual as transportation to my school classes. I lost my services to my cell phone and I’m sure that she cloned my device information because my phone was an iPhone which allows me to FaceTime and text other iPhone without services, so she is listening into my FaceTime and text messages as well. I changed my landline phone number to a new one, but I’m sure that she used a Lyft driver that I befriended who offered to provide me his time to go wherever I need to go, everything in which this girl was assisting me with. Eventually, I figured out that he was working with her. I know this because when my number was changed the Lyft guy came banging on my door, I let him in and the first thing he asked for was for my new number. I know that they are working together, I know it. This individual is trying to run my crazy and make me look crazy, but I’m not. Neither am I paranoid. Please HELP!

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    Susan Baunsgard (Thursday, 18 October 2018 20:37)

    I have found your videos to be the most accurate about narcissistic behavior. I am 67 years old and only realized 4 months ago that my mother was a covert narcissist. In hindsight all the signs were there. The silent treatment, the look of disgust, the passive aggressive way to manipulate me ( her only living daughter) and her many grandchildren to jump through hoops.
    She showed her true face while staying with my husband and me to recover from a major surgery. Initially she stated that she wanted to live with us and a majority of her furniture was dispersed among her grandchildren and certain pieces were incorporated into our house. Making my home look like a furniture store.
    The day my brother arrived from out of state she had a full on narcissistic rage. She yelled at everyone, she was verbally abusive and announced she was leaving. It would take up too space to describe all the details. She had already had her flying monkeys in place to do her bidding. Several of her grandchildren were already planning on coming to see my brother. She gave each one their orders as to what items of furniture or other belongings she wanted. Then she started her smear campaign. She called two of her granddaughters and told them that I “ Kicked her out of my house.” Of course they believed it. She since expounded on the lies and it’s very hurtful.
    She changed her phone number, called the police and accused my husband and I of elder abuse. We were given a verbal keep away order. I am actually glad that I have that reason not to go to her house.
    I have only seen her a few times and I am working on using the Grey Rock technique. The first 2 times were not too successful. The first time I hugged her and told her I loved her. She actually said “I love you too.” I know it was a lie as she had never said it before. Where I made my mistake was asking her to call me about a medical exam she was to have. ( she didn’t call) but I certainly gave her a lot of narcissistic fuel that day. I was angry at myself for engaging with her. The next 2 times were a simple wave and no conversation. I am still getting information about her via her flying monkeys. I am trying to understand how I could go my whole life and not know how dis functioning my home was. My older sister was the golden child, I was the passive caregiver and my youngest sister was the clown and baby of the family.
    I went to college and became a registered nurse. Just before graduation, I married a narcissist and was married for 30 years when he passed away. I was a true caretaker making sure all of his needs were met before even thinking about my children and finally myself. My 3 sons have definitely been effected by him. My oldest is a narcissist in the way he reacts to stress and what he’s going to do. Very over the top and unrealistic. My middle son is calm and practical. He has had depression in his early 20’s. He seems to be an empath. My youngest can’t tell a story without embellishments to make him sound like the most amazing person in the world. He has married a full on narcissist.
    I feel very badly that I didn’t know about narcissistic behavior and especially the impact on children. Just being a loving person did not off set the damage my son’s father did to their self esteem. They are adults now. Two are narcissist and I don’t think I can or should point out their behavior. My middle son might be interested just to have insight into his bother’s behavior.
    I still have days where I have my mom on my mind. I have long past gotten over wanting to see her or talk to her. I just feel so upset over her smear campaign. I know trying to have people know my truth is pointless. She’s had 87 years to become a master manipulator and liar. It’s also the knowledge that I have been discarded like yesterday’s newspaper. To know that my mother never loved me and everything she has ever done has had an agenda is difficult to understand. She had a new source of narcissistic supply lined up as she driving to her house. She still has various grandchildren doing her bidding.
    It used to think it was an amazing coincidence that I would be dressed the same as my mother when we were going to a social function. Our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs seemed to be the same. I was a mirror reflection of her except that I looked like my Dad and my Aunt. I now know that I was brainwashed to act and think like her false self.
    I know I can’t rewrite history. I can only move forward. Your videos have been helping. I have viewed many. Most are just a repeat of the same information with a bit histrionics thrown in. I appreciate the practical advice.
    I know that this is quite long. After viewing the video about Aging Narcissist I thought I would share my story.
    Thank you for sharing this information about narcissist behavior. It’s has confirmed what my therapist has told me but in a more specific manner.

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    Cate (Saturday, 07 July 2018 23:17)

    Practicing and learning from your videos have been a game changer. Thank you!

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    Amy (Saturday, 16 June 2018 13:00)

    I would like to know how to give to your ministry. Listening to your YouTube videos has given me not only knowledge and strength, but an ability to feel sorrow for the man that has hurt me, because I now know the why of it all.
    I am not fooled into believing that I can save him or help him, but have learned what my own reactive behavior has done in perpetuating a situation with him at any given time.
    I use to believe that if I forgave all of his toxic behavior and all of his infidelities, all of his self denial when he would begin to groom a new woman and tell me it was just a friend, that he would eventually see his behavior. It wasn’t until the same behaviorial cycle happened after we married that I knew that no oath or vow to God mattered to him, and that he did not truly love me but only what he thought I could do for him was the reason for confessing his vow before God.
    Your videos have helped Neto sss the real cause and what goes on behind the man with this kind of disorder,
    And I want to give what I can to the good work you are doing.

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    Nathan (Friday, 01 June 2018 02:47)

    Thank you. Your approach and delivery spoke to me I’m an artist and musician Recently abandon by a narcissistic “Doctor” Wife of 31 years.

    She always said life would’ve been boring without me
    I walked in forgiveness and love

    Until I called her out on her abuse.......
    Thousands of gourmet dinners and orgasms and she crucifies me ?
    I don’t wish pain among anybody.

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    Beverly (Tuesday, 24 April 2018 04:45)

    My 7 month old grandson passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. I was with my daughter when he became ill and passed away 5 days later. When I texted him (second husband) and shared the devastating news, he replied, "oh, sorry to hear that." Once I returned home, some 2-3 weeks later (after funeral, he did not attend) he had left me a six page letter giving me 4 days to get out of his house..... We've been living apart for 7 months. I'm so very tired of walking on eggshells, incessant praise and always being wrong. After 14 years its difficult to leave, but I must.

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    K Rachal (Sunday, 04 March 2018 18:46)

    Thank you so much for your YouTube videos!

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    George (Friday, 13 October 2017 01:17)

    Thank you for your videos on YouTube. It has helped me in my journey dealing with a narcissist.

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    On The Couch Radio (Wednesday, 11 October 2017 20:35)


    Thank you for being apart of On The Couch Radio to share in the conversation related to The Minefield of Mental and Emotional abuse on 10/7/17. Your love for the people and your ability to share and connect is amazing! The passion you have for 'the work' and your ability to orate is life giving. Because of the work you do someone has hope!

    Your friends at On the Couch Radio.

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    Kathy (Thursday, 21 September 2017 20:55)

    Thank you so much for your valuable help in understanding how and why Narcissistic people do what they do. My elderly parents moved next door to us four years ago, and although we knew they were difficult, we had no idea how truly awful they would be. My husband and I have struggled to maintain a civil relationship with them. At first we just couldn't get why they were so jealous, competitive and even vindictive towards us. I'm still blown away by the tactics they use. I am a long way from being healed. They are a daily onslaught, but slowly I'm getting free. It's very hard. It's even harder because they ate up so much of my life, and my family's happiness. My grown daughter recently said she disliked her grandmother because every visit end with crying. How sad. Thanks again. Your talks help......they really do!

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    David Pryce (Friday, 23 June 2017 17:19)

    Congratulations on this well displayed website Petra. I came across a saying the other day that fits perfectly with you... “As part of the healing process, change your perception of yourself from “victim” to that of “advocate” and “survivor.” All the best xx David : ps. It's uncanny that this insidious disorder (NPD) is also described in scripture going back 2000 years and described as the 30 traits of the Jezebel Spirit that is passed from one generation to the next. I pass this on as you may find it interesting and for those who follow you who may be of Christian faith. It may also give them a way of dealing with a Christian (?) NPD... who uses the scripture to manipulate and control.

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    Jane Bloom (Wednesday, 21 June 2017 13:59)

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe website.

    Ik denk dat veel mensen hier erg blij mee zullen zijn. Want zoals velen al weten is "narcisme" niet zo gemakkelijk te herkennen. Al hebben we wel de kennis van het sprookje "dat narcissus in het water kijkt en zich zelf adoreert".
    Het is als een ontdekkingsreis een onderneming met vallen en opstaan.

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    Sigrid Secherling (Wednesday, 21 June 2017 13:13)

    Dear Petra,

    I just heard the great news about your going to New York, and I'm SO happy for you!
    And yes! You also deserve it, helping us SURVIVORS! ;) by your advice and coaching on YouTube! Very greatful for that!
    By the way: you also CAN sing! That too was really surprising!
    Well, for now I wish you the already pleasurable anticipation concerning New York!
    Warm greetings,
    Sigrid Secherling