Conscious circular breath is my anchor

When we coordinate our senses, our mind and our breath an amazing shift happens. Our breath is our life force and when we use the breath in an empowering way, we are able to expand our consciousness.

We all have stuff that we (unconsciously) hold within our cells. Even though you have cognitively worked through trauma, you may still feel bouts of depression and anxiety, fear and sadness. 


Join me on Saturday December 3rd in a breathwork class designed to assist you in releasing emotional baggage, reconnecting with yourself and celebrating the gift of your life! 


Time: 10 - 11:15am Amsterdam time (please check your local time)

9am GMT.

Investment in your healing: 25,00 Euro's per person. 35,00 Euro's for 2 (partner, friend, sibling, (adult)child or parent)

From January 1st the investment will be 27,50 and 37,50 Euro's 


What you will need

*A yoga mat or your bed. Comfortable clothing and a blanket. An eye-mask is optional (some people find it easier to release resistance when wearing an eye-mask)

*Make sure you're in a room where you have a good internet connection.

*You will need to install the Zoom app onto your device via 

*Please place your device in a position so that I can see you from your waist up, to check if you're breathing correctly.

*You can use headphones or speakers (the breathwork session will include music)

*Make sure that you can't be disturbed for the duration of the session (no pets/children in the room)

*Please sign in to class 15 minutes beforehand, just in case you experience technical difficulties that need to be sorted


Please check the contraindications before signing up for class:

*High or abnormal blood pressure       *Cardiovascular problems

*Pregnancy                                               *Respiratory conditions

*Osteoporosis                                          *Glaucoma

*Epilepsy or seizures                               *Anyone on heavy medication

*Active addictions                                    *Psychiatric symptoms

*Severe mental illness                             *Bipolar



It's recommended that you consult with your (mental) healthcare provider before participating in a breathwork session.

Payments through PayPal & Tikkie




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