"Be aware of your breathing. Notice how this takes attention away from your thinking and creates space"

Eckhart Tolle




Breathwork is so much more than simply breathing effectively. With conscious circular breath you are able to change your mental and emotional state. It is a natural tool for releasing trauma and breaking through emotional blockages.

Narcissistic abuse causes us to adopt the survival strategy (Fight, Flight or Freeze). This causes our breathing to accelerate and increases our pulse rate and blood pressure. We become hypervigilant and are on a constant look out for any threat of danger. 

Breathwork can help to reverse this survival response and allow you to feel your feelings, release trauma, clear your mind and

reconnect you with your body.


Breathing is our life force. We often take it for granted and are not aware of how we are breathing. When we feel stress, anxiety, pain, anguish and despair we tend to breathe fast and shallow. When we feel happy, relaxed, peaceful and content we breathe deeply into our bellies and let out a deep sigh.


I have practiced breathwork for a couple of years and it has been absolutely life-changing for me! I invite you to experience this self-healing and amazing tool, all you need is a yoga-mat (or your bed) and an open heart and mind!


A breathwork session lasts 1¼ hours (75 minutes) and is conducted with music and coaching. It's all done on Zoom, so let's breeeeathe!

Your investment in radical self-care breathing is 67,50 Euro's (incl. tax)


Please note that there are contraindications for breathwork. A few are:

*High or abnormal blood pressure       *Cardiovascular problems

*Pregnancy                                               *Respiratory conditions

*Osteoporosis                                          *Glaucoma

*Epilepsy or seizures                               *Anyone on heavy medication

*Active addictions                                    *Psychiatric symptoms

*Severe mental illness                             *Bipolar


It's recommended that you consult with your (mental) healthcare provider before participating in a breathwork session.


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