Validation. Expression. Transformation.

If you have a history of dealing with narcissists and emotionally abusive people, chances are that you are a person with great qualities and shaky boundaries, with an enormous capacity to love others but forget to honour and respect yourself in the process.

You may have been conditioned in childhood to base your selfworth on the opinions and needs of others. This may sound noble, but it destroys your confidence, keeps you walking on eggshells and makes you feel used and invisible.

You can heal from the trauma of emotional abuse and learn how to internalise your worth, shine in your authentic identity and have the courage and strength to hold yourself through the storms of life.


The 9-week Breakthrough Coaching Package is a confrontational, emotional, empowering and healing journey, designed to validate your experiences,  break through your fears, express and heal your emotional wounds and transform your limiting beliefs, so that you have the confidence to design a happy life for yourself with dignity and integrity.

If you are committed to your healing and would value getting to know yourself inside and out, then I would be honoured to accompany you on your journey.


The 9 weeks include:

  • 9 coaching sessions of 1¼ hours (every week or every 2 weeks)
  • Follow up emails every week

The following points will be given attention and care during the 9 weeks:

  • Your emotional pain (Lack of confidence, guilt, shame, fear)
  • You feel stuck in old patterns and wish to change them
  • You are committed to working on the communication and friendship with yourself
  • You want and need clarity on your core values and boundaries


The investment in yourself and your personal growth is: 525 Euro's

If you would like to pay in installments, please let me know.

Payments accepted through PayPal.

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